It's time to stop thinking small about your small business.

If you've been struggling with:

  • frustratingly high staff turnover...
  • multiple lines of business that don't connect...
  • spending too much time doing instead of creating...
  • a different pain point keeping you up at night...

...we need to talk. Immediately.

A business coach could be the one thing standing in your way. Watch this video to hear how more about my new program!

I'm offering a free 30-minute strategy call to diagnose what's holding you back. Then together we'll create a plan to get you achieving your goals with me guiding and cheering you on along the way.

A business coach is one of the most effective assets available for your team, especially through challenging circumstances and tough decisions.

I only have 5 spots available, so schedule your call now so you don't miss out!

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Meet the Team

Our team of business coaches are pumped/thrilled/jazzed/chuffed to meet you!

Ellie Scott

bold. supportive. daring.

I founded Bayleaf Consulting out of a desire to help you do less of the business tasks that give us all gray hairs (I know I have a few...).

I've redesigned a cemetery grave-marker database, planned a new food product line launch, and standardized a volunteer training guide for local teens. And you'll never guess which was my favorite project.

Let's go do some cool shit, y'all. I love new friends.

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loyal. food-motivated. excited.

I'm a Beagle/Perfectgoodboi mix with over 9 years of experience bringing joy and shed fur to my mom's company (and house).

I'm in charge of scheduling rabbit-chasing breaks outside (for me), reminding Mom to get a treat (for me), and snuggling up for a nap when I've worked too hard (Mom joins me sometimes).

Oh, and tech support (read: zoomies for anxiety).

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Plans for Progress

Your journey to connected, supported, and empowered starts here. Get my business coach methods in three ways.

If you're ready to take a more organized approach to your work but aren't sure how, starting with a consultation is the right choice for you. This is great for smaller projects with few deliverables and a shorter timeline.

In our one hour session, we will diagnose the problem and outline possible solutions. Then I'll send you proposal with recommendations and a step-by-step implementation plan (within 1-3 business days). This is an excellent option for you if you're curious about how a business coach can help you without the lengthy commitment.

You'll receive:

  • 1 hour strategy call
  • My call notes
  • Implementation Guide


  • Monthly newsletter featuring upcoming events, guest blog posts, and Bayleaf news
  • Weekly motivational texts, tips, and reminders (coming soon!)

Total Investment:


Larger scale project with lots of moving parts need a solid plan to be completed efficiently. Working with me as your business coach will get you the strategy and support you need to make it happen. If you need guidance for your next big project, this is the solution for you.

Over three hours, we will define the project and deliverables, create an action plan, and identify how best to execute the plan together. Then I'll send you a proposal with recommendations and a step-by-step implementation guide (within 3-5 business days).

You'll receive:

  • 1 3-hour or 2 90-minute strategy meetings
  • Call notes and Implementation Guide
  • Project Planning Workbook


  • Monthly newsletter featuring upcoming events, guest blog posts, and Bayleaf news
  • Weekly motivational texts, tips, and reminders (coming soon!)
  • Direct text access to me (during business hours)
  • Discounts on Bayleaf content

Total Investment:


Serious about making some major changes? You're gonna need support and encouragement. Over six months, we'll delve into my planning principles while I coach you to your best year yet. Our sessions will help you better engage with your team, incorporate continued education programs, and be empowered to utilize these skills on your own.

I recommend completing a Planning session prior to Coaching.

You'll receive:

  • Weekly strategy and coaching calls
  • Project Planning Workbook
  • Coaching Workbook


  • Monthly newsletter featuring upcoming events, guest blog posts, and Bayleaf news
  • Weekly motivational texts, tips, and reminders (coming soon!)
  • Direct text/phone/video access to me (coming soon!)
  • Discount on Bayleaf events and content
  • Access to Bayleafers Facebook Group

Total Investment:



Schedule your FREE 30 minute strategy call with me.

We'll determine which business coaching program you need to hit those goals and thrive in 2022.

Choose Consulting if...

  • you're curious about business coaching but not ready for the commitment (yet)
  • you want to find the right project management system for your team
  • you're considering launching a new product or service in the next 3-6 months

Choose Planning if...

  • your next project needs structure, the right team, and an effective plan
  • you're ready to make big changes and need to think through them with leadership
  • you are ready to put chaotic start-up practices in your rear view

Choose Coaching if...

  • you are committed to overhauling the way you think about yourself and your business
  • you feel burnt out and company morale is low
  • you want connections to like-minded visionaries for support and new ideas


You control your business, not the other way.

These guides will get you in the right mindset for bigger and faster wins. You'll also get access to more Bayleaf knowledge, my business coaching methodology, and a free consultation with me!

bayleaf consulting downloadable guides
Download "Eight Processes" guide


What exactly is project management?

The Project Management Institute offers a lengthy and jargon-filled great explanation here, but to define it simply:

Project management is the system you use to track tasks, projects, and overall productivity in your company.

You might use a spreadsheet, software, or the good ole' sticky note on a wall technique. You might just keep everything in your brain (please share your wizard powers with me). However you do it, a great PM system is easy to use, easy to replicate, and easy to scale. As your business coach, I can help you identify the right system to get you moving quick (perfect way to utilize a Consulting session!).

I don't really need an official system, do I?

  • Can you remember every part of every process your team completes every day/week/quarter/year?
  • Have you and your team developed a telepathy method that has zero margins for error?
  • Can you bring every idea your brain conceives into reality with no trials or test runs?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please contact Good Morning America because you should be rich with all the powers of your brain. I bow to your skill.

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, please contact me because you definitely need a system.

If you're somewhere in between, have some water and let that edible wear off. Then call a business coach who can get you organized for real.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my projects?

Time. So much time. There's not enough in the day as it is, but outsourcing projects like developing training guides and systemizing payroll can add up to 20 hours back in your pocket per week. Really. Check out this mind-blowing math. Working with a business coach can help you identify the top things you can outsource to a person, service, or software.

Will Charlie be at our meetings?

Most likely no, but he can if you want him to join our sessions! There is an extra fee of 10 butt-scratches, but I'm sure we can work something out.

I just want to have [insert desired beverage] and talk about [insert your favorite documentary/podcast].

OMG, hit me up and we can so make that happen. I am ready for this level of friendship at all times.

Let’s get to work.

Much like a great recipe requires the right ingredients, your business needs the right team and tools to make things happen. Bayleaf Consulting is the little extra something that brings it aaaaaaall together just right.

I won't send you any boring stuff or share your deets with anyone. Cross my heart.

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